DIY – Chalkboard

I’ve been dreaming of a functional chalkboard for quite sometime. I think they are charming. And super fun for kiddos. The hubs… well, let’s just say he wasn’t on the same page as me. I was dreaming of walls covered in chalkboard paint – cute little doodles everywhere. He. Was. Terrified. I could see it […]

Kitchen Reveal: Blinded by the Light

This was what our kitchen looked like in the beginning. Isn’t she lovely? The kitchen and I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship. Mostly because I’m not a fan of doing the dishes. Least favorite chore ever. Even with a dishwasher. Also, I eat to live these days. Definitely don’t live to eat. […]

Spending AND Saving!

I think my new favorite store is Goodwill. That place is incredible. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that resell it shops are where it’s at… Especially for the following categories: children’s clothing, home decor, & furniture. I recently needed some dress clothes for my little men, and got everything I needed for under $20 […]

Repurpose BIG Containers!

Just think: What is outside of the box that could go inside the box? Seems like a little bit of backwards advice right since you are usually told to think OUTSIDE of the box… and well, I guess that works here too. The point? You can use your product containers for other purposes in your […]

DIY – Canned it!

I feel like I’m starting over, in more ways than one. I started writing this blog not too long ago to document the things we were doing to improve our home life. And then life got a little interupted. The kind of interuption where you go a little M.I.A in blog world. But, I’m getting […]

House Tour: K1’s Bedroom

Meet my biggest little man. Koah. He is an awesome kiddo. But his bedroom… well, it’s getting there. I like several things about it, but it hasn’t really received that loving touch yet. I moved him from his nursery as soon as I found out I was pregnant again because I wanted him to have […]

DIY: Bathtub Love

DIY of this week: a bathtub tray… super functional and FREE (since I had everything I needed here already)! I did a double whammy on this one. I found some way to repurpose the left over building wood that we have had lying around forever, and made an awesome tray all for yours truly. While […]

Inspired Focal Point(s)

Think about this, you go to a restaurant… how do you tell that it’s an upscale dining establishment? Usually, at first, it’s the swanky decor. Then you probably notice the lighting features, music, menus, staff uniforms, etc. Something about the way the restaurant is decorated makes you feel like you are going to be eating […]