Hi there! Welcome to Interior Function.  My husband and I built our house a few years ago and have been tackling the task of making it a home ever since. It’s a new house, yet my home projects list has two columns worth of to-dos already! Crazy, I know. We are interested in making it cozy and comfortable… a retreat from the stresses of life. BUT – along with the added decor, we definitely want to add FUNCTION. The space has got to work. It has to serve a purpose. This blog covers our adventures of making function happen in our home through decorating, cleaning, rearranging, organizing, etc.

I recently became a Stay-at-home-Momma after my second son was born this past August. We are now a family of 4!

We have two boys. Our oldest is going on 3 and our youngest well, was born in August.

I’m the crazy Momma who is deciding to take on blogging in the midst of the no sleeping at night stages of raising a baby! But I need this sort of thing. I’ve always loved decorating and interior design. Plus, I am constantly rearranging furniture, reorganizing, and redecorating. I get it from my Mom, she does the same thing… Funny how that happens right? I’m not afraid to DIY & I don’t like to spend a lot of money… so those two things go together nicely. This blog is just to document what I’m up to. AND a bit of a hobby/creative outlet to keep the creative side of me sane and active!  Hope you enjoy!


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    • So true! They already love each other tons. My oldest (Koah) is so sweet & patient with my little guy (Kasen)… he is always making him smile. I can’t wait to see them when they can actually play together! 🙂

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