Spending AND Saving!

I think my new favorite store is Goodwill. That place is incredible. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that resell it shops are where it’s at… Especially for the following categories: children’s clothing, home decor, & furniture. I recently needed some dress clothes for my little men, and got everything I needed for under $20 at a local store. Two dress shirts, one pair of pants, and a kids tie – and all in perfect shape! I find home decor items mostly at flea markets. Search those booths up and down! Hidden treasures are sure to be there. I’m always having to tell myself “NO!” because I find so many fun & unique decor pieces. Same goes for furniture – flea markets OR Salvation Army/DAV stores and sometimes Goodwill.

But hands down, the cheapest and most fun place that I have experienced is definitely Goodwill! I go every Thursday. My oldest son is at school, and my littlest is at his Grandma’s house. Yay for free time!

Here is what I scored last Thursday:

Cool, huh? The pillow was a mere $2.99. originally around $20 from Target. AND I love that it has texture, added bonus! The book ($1) has fun illustrations, a good coffee-table book if you will. And that pillow case… swoon!

LOVE the trendy pattern and for only $2 it seemed like a deal to me.

The hubs and I are the kind of people that like the house to seem “full” because it tends to feel more cozy that way. Well, when you have a somewhat large house… it takes a while and $$$ to fill it up! So, I feel less guilty when I find awesome deals on house stuff. I think my bank account agrees!

Here’s to saving moola, but getting awesome stuff! A win-win in my book.


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