House Tour: K1’s Bedroom

Meet my biggest little man. Koah.

He is an awesome kiddo. But his bedroom… well, it’s getting there. I like several things about it, but it hasn’t really received that loving touch yet. I moved him from his nursery as soon as I found out I was pregnant again because I wanted him to have plenty of time to adjust and take ownership of his new space. I think this was a very good thing, and since the baby is here he has shown no signs of jealousy over his old bedroom. That being said, I probably rushed it just a little bit and that is why the design is lacking.

A few things about the space…

1. It has a vaulted ceiling, meaning lots of wall space. Also meaning that his old artwork / pictures now look a lot smaller than they did in his nursery.

2. It could use some paint love on one wall. There are currently two cream walls, and two light brown walls. *Note: You can’t have an accent wall if the paint is equally distributed throughout the room. 

3. He currently sleeps in twin bed w/ bed rails. These bed rails… not so pleasing on the eye. I need to address that.

4. His bed is also lacking a headboard. Future DIY?

I’m looking forward to tackling the project little by little. Should be a good time. Here is a glimpse of it. These pictures are as is. Exactly how it looks in the morning after he wakes up, and we rush around getting ready for his class on Thursdays. About the only thing I do in there is open up the curtains. Trying to keep it real for ya! 🙂

And there you have it… your first room reveal. Hope you aren’t disappointed. Ha! It will get better, promise. Here is to the functional adventures in K1’s bedroom!


2 thoughts on “House Tour: K1’s Bedroom

    • Aww, thank you! He’s a pretty cool kid. Yes, that window is huge! I had to special order blackout curtains for that baby… but those tall ceilings are quite the challenge. I will definitely check out your blog! 🙂

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