A Proper Introduction

Well, it all has to start somewhere. For us it was in the Spring of 2011. April 26, 2011 actually. That was not only the day we passed inspection, but moving day. Our first home. And we were lucky enough to build it custom, in fact I drew up most of the layout on a napkin at a local coffee shop one day. Who does that?  Anyway, we had a blank canvas on our hands and nothing really to fill it with. Our new house was more than twice the size of our last, so the few pieces of furniture we had needed a lot of new furniture friends to join them. We spent the next year buying furniture, buying decor, buying dishes, buying… buying… buying! And finishing our basement. And living life in the mean time.

Here is a  proper, official pre-furniture (and cleaning) house tour. In all actuality, I was surprised to find the pictures, and very excited to share. I hasn’t even been 2 years in the house yet, but looking at these pictures really makes it feel ages ago. It also reminds me to take a chill pill because we have managed to do a lot in the short time we have lived here. Keep in mind that when we moved in we only had the main floor finished. It wasn’t until about 6 months later that we finished our basement level. And here they are:


Living Area


Dining Area

Master Bedroom Complete with folding lawn chairs. What? Like that’s not normal…

Master Bath




It’s definitely odd to look back at these pictures and see how bare everything was. Almost bittersweet. Bitter because I miss having that blank canvas of a home to work with. And to be honest, the less stuff the less to clean. Sweet because of how cozy and purposeful our home has become.  That is the trade-off I suppose! Stay tuned for more interior pics and details on our functional transformations!


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